miercuri, 6 februarie 2013

Yuki - a delicate white flower

We rescued Yuki from the PS Moreni somewhere around spring of 2011. We spayed her and freed her in the central park and Daniela looked out for her and fed her every day. Yuki developed a bad case of mange later on because of the filthy conditions in which she lived for several months in the PS (public shelter). But Yuki wasn´t a dog who could make her way on the streets, she was bullied by bigger dogs, chased away by people; we would hear people complaining about her biting for no appearent reason. November 2011 we decided to take her to HP, the same time Max was rescued from the streets. Dogcatchers were very active back then and threaten to catch even dogs that had eartags (which they didn´t before). Yuki spent several months being chained, until we could fix the fences and build kennels. She was always a very sweet and understanding dog, never complaint about anything.

Still looking bad because of the mange

We treated her for mange and she is now a very beautiful dog. She is sociable mostly to male dogs, but likes to keep to herself when the crowd gets too big. Even at meal time or when they receive treats, she likes to stay in the back and wait for her turn. She doesn´t like small females and she sometimes snaps at them, but she is not an aggressive dog.
Yuki is a two and a half years old girl, medium size, very friendly to people. She is available for adoption in a home with male dogs, no cats and no small children. You can find her on Facebook, on our page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.442237789129239.104745.100000290667268&type=3#!/pages/Happy-Paws-dog-sanctuary/443687732355267

Best friends with Max from the start

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