vineri, 22 februarie 2013

Sayouri - a diamond in the rough (adopted)

Daniela found her last summer behind the nearest dumpster of Happy Paws; her brother was already dead and she was lying next to him. Sayouri had a hurt leg and her general state was so bad, we didn't think she would make it. She didn't want to eat for days. But finally, she decided Happy Paws was a pretty good place to be, so she came around. She finally let us see her for the happy spirited girl that she truly was.

"Mummy and daddy, where aaaaaaaaaare you??"

Sadly, Sayouri couldn't find anyone who would love and take her home, so she grew up in Happy Paws. Her best friend is Nico, a very similar male dog; people who don't know them would hardly set them apart.

Sayouri, left, next to her friend who she grew up with, Nico

It seems Sayouri thinks she has to eat all day long to make for those days when she was abandoned on the streets and sick. Both she and Nico share this philosophy, so they check everyone's food bowls, whenever they get the chance. They don't enjoy being closed up in kennels, so they live free in the yard.
Sayouri has always been a delicate girl, very loving and sweet. We struggled to find her a home as a puppy, but failed. Now, I am afraid she will be considered "just another black dog", when, in fact, she is a beautiful diamond in the rough; I am confident her family is out there, but, for some reason, they missed her.

Guess again! This is Nico (brown eyes)

Sayouri is a young girl, active, playful and very loving. She is sociable with other dogs, gentle to all sizes. She is spayed and ready for adoption.

Gorgeous black beauty!

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