joi, 25 aprilie 2013

Willie - rough childhood

Willie was found last November abandoned on the streets as a young puppy. He was rescued by Daniela and brought to the "nursery" along with other stray puppies. Soon after they were rescued from the streets, they got sick with mange; Daniela treated all of them for 3 months and thanks to the support of our sponsors, they are all now cured and very beautiful.

Willie and his orphan friends

Willie was always very cold, so I made a lot of coats for him (because of the mange, we had to change his coat every 2 days); my mum was very surprised to see me sewing on Christmas Day, but the puppies were cold and they had almost no fur left. They would all snuggle up into a doggie house, along with the tomcat, Mr Felix, how was their dad for the winter. later on, Mr Felix found that his adoptive children became a little too cheeky, trying to chew his tail, so he adopted Daniela's newest puppies generation. But that is a whole different story...

The other puppies were chewing his coat all the time

Willie, Ellie and Grasa, 3 very naughty kids :D

Now Willie is a handsome, healthy and neutered teenage boy who is starting to find his voice and strength. He likes to play with other dogs, he is very curious and brave and he needs a forever home.
Willie is about 8 months old, he is neutered and vaccinated, medium size, available and ready to go home at once. He loves to play and run free, so he would be perfect for a family that can offer that to him. He is not aggressive to cats or children, but he might be overeager to get their attention.