joi, 30 mai 2013

Ciquita - the fake bitter

Ciquita was dumped at Marilena's shop; everyone in Moreni knows she loves dogs, so every now and then, people "reward" that quality, dumping dogs on her steps. From the begining Ciquita was a very loving girl, but people were complaining she was bitting them without them doing anything to her. For fear Ciquita won't be hurt (just this past Easter Day someone poisoned one of Marilena's dogs, although that dog never bothered anyone), Marilena decided to take her to Happy Paws. At first, Ciquita was very sad and she wanted to escape and run back to the streets. She was shy with everyone and prefered to stay hidden in her dog house. She never bit anyone inside or outside Happy Paws.

After a few months, Ciquita started to become more used to her new life at Happy Paws. She tolerates other dogs, but she is not very playful to them. She loves to be cuddled and she is really a lapdog. Ciquita is a very beautiful dog, she is cute and funny and loves to run free in open spaces. Whenever she has the chance to run around HP and take a bath into the creek nearby, she is a very happy girl.

Ciquita with Bono and Reika

Ciquita acting like a little monkey :D

Begging for food

She loves treats

Marilena and Ciquita

Ciquita is a 4-5 years old female dog, she is spayed and vaccinated, medium size. She tolerates dogs that aren't too dominant and she loves to be cuddled. She is very loving and gentle to older kids. Ciquita is ready and available for ADOPTION.

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