joi, 30 mai 2013

Ellie - shy beauty

Ellie was found last autumn on the streets of Moreni, abandoned as a little puppy. She was taken in by Daniela, along with other puppies, and she grew up with them in the section we call "the nursery". Sadly, soon after that they were all infected with mange; it was a very hard winter for them, loosing hair and scratching like crazy, but we managed to save everyone.

Ellie, in the left

Daniela and Ellie

She was always a shy girl with people and with other dogs, but she likes to play with smaller dogs and she enjoys to be cuddled. Ellie is quiet and doesn't like to participate in fights or gang horsing around, but she is a sweet puppy.

Ellie and Sassi and Fenris (both adopted). Ellie is the only one in that kennel left behind

Ellie and Sassi (adopted)

All her kennel mates were adopted, Sassi, Fenris and Grasa (now Sadie), so Ellie is left behind, waiting for her family to find her. Ellie is too beautiful to be left in a dog sanctuary, so I always take a lot of pictures, hoping someone will fall in love with her.
Ellie is around 8 months old, spayed and vaccinated, medium size. She is playful and loving, but shy and quiet, so she would fit perfectly in a home that doesn't have loud children or hyper active pets. 
Ellie is ready and available for ADOPTION.

Ellie and Grasa (adopted)

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