duminică, 24 februarie 2013

Nico - champion of cleaning food bowls

Nico was brought to Happy Paws last summer as a young puppy, along with his sister; sadly, she died. But Nico seemed to have an amazing wish to live, he would always eat other dogs' food. Of course he was helped by his small size, so he would walk around all the kennels and checked everyone's food bowls. Strangely, all dogs accepted him.

No fence could stop his appetite

He became very attached to Sayouri, now they are practicaly inseparable. Nico still has a big appetite, but the other dogs are not so happy to indulge his bad habbit of cleaning their food bowls. Red, who is our teacher for young male dogs, struggles to show him some good manners.

We tried putting him in a kennel, but he complains a lot, so he runs free with Sayouri (next to him in the picture), Linda (next to Sayouri) and Mura, the black one in the back. Keeping them from attacking one another's food bowls can be tricky.

Nico misses the time he was a tiny puppy a lot and still tries to go throught the fence; obviously, it's impossible...but trying didn't hurt anyone before, did it?

Oh, childhood!

Nico is a 9 months old young male, neutered, friendly especially to female dogs, playful and loving. He does think ALL the food is his, but he is a sweet natured, handsome boy. Nico is available for adoption.

Beautiful Sayouri, never too far away

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