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Max - a strange evolution

I decided to start the individual stories with Max because he is the first resident at Happy Paws. He also had a strange evolution, we had no idea what sort of dog he would be when he grew up.

It first started one summer evening in 2011 when me and one of my friends found him leaning on a gate; he hoped that gate would open for him and he would finally have a home, but it didn´t. We looked around to see if there was a mother or brothers in that street, but there was no one, Tiny (we named him that, because he was such a small puppy) was all alone in the dark. My friend decided she would foster him inside her shop until we could find him a home. He was very spoiled there. Tiny was such a delicate and small puppy. At first, we didn´t know if he would survive, but he did, he even survived parvovirus, thanks to Malina Ghete and my friend, Catrinel.

Someone offered him a home in Belgium, but my friend wanted him closer to her. She hoped someone would see him in her shop and fall in love with him, but nobody did. We had fun watching his strange changes in appearence. We would guess what size and type of dog he might turned into, but had no idea what to expect.

Catrinel took Tiny to a relative of hers and kept him there until adoption. But we had no offers for him. November 2011 I spotted Tiny running on the streets in Moreni, so I called Catrinel, but she had no idea about him being abandoned. We found him and took him to Happy Paws, which was in a terrible state, had no secure fences. Max (he wasn´t tiny anymore) had to be chained until we fixed the fences.
In the car on his way to HP

Playing with Pepper who was then at HP

He wasn´t a happy dog for a long time. He would growl at everyone, although he had moments when he enjoyed cuddles. He wasn´t very sociable with male dogs and we would have a hard time handling him. I was sad to see Max was so unhappy and I couldn´t promote him for adoption due to his behaviour problems.
Max has learnt a lot this year from another HP resident, Red. He taught Max to be more obedient and sociable and we hardly have any problems with him. We were happy to see Max willing to learn, because even though Red was a harsh teacher, Max would prefer his company. He is now a very sweet dog who loves to play and run free; he hates staying in a kennel, although we try to give him as much time to play with the others as possible.

Max is available for adoption, preferably to a home with female dogs and no cats and no small children. He is very fond of his food and treats and prefers to be left alone while having them. He is one and a half, medium size and an active dog who loves to run free in open spaces, so that would be highly appreciated.
More photos of him as a baby here:

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