miercuri, 13 februarie 2013

Red - from cheeky to charming

  Red came to us soon after we opened Happy Paws. Daniela brought him in because he was a shy teenager who couldn´t find his way on the streets of Moreni. Although big, he was very shy and couldn´t eat, being bullied by other dogs. He followed everyone around town hoping someone would take him home. But big dogs have so few chances to be adopted, at best he would have ended up being chained for life in the back yard of someone. So, Daniela decided he was Happy Paws material. Because we had no kennels available, we had to chain him for a while; he immediately accepted that, as long as he belonged to someone, because that is all he ever wanted.
Always a happy natured dog

Red socializing with Lucy

  At first he was a cheeky dog, very active and loving, always jumping and scratching everyone. But he loved to be at Happy Paws, he felt he was finally at home.  As time passed by, he became the alpha male around Happy Paws, because of his size and also because of the role he took, that of a teacher. He educates younger males to be more submissive and well behaved. This was very helpful to us, he educated Max into a more sociable and happy dog.


Finally in his own kennel. "I´m the alpha male around here!"

     He is a very loving dog, always ready for a cuddle. He is sociable to dogs, preferably females or submissive dogs and loves all human contact.

Helping out with his kennel gate

Red and Marilena


His favourite activity, cuddling

  Red is a very active young dog and he would be perfect for an active family who likes to take trips in the wild. He is waiting patiently at Happy Paws for his chance to show his loving, playful nature. Red is available for adoption.


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