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Lucy - quiet mouse (adopted)

  Lucy is also known as Chitz-Chitz (this is the Romanian version of the sound a mouse makes) because she is cute and quiet as a mouse. She is so very loving to people and would love to spend her life in a home of her own. She was found in a forest near Moreni, where people abandon pets they no longer have use for. They leave them in the forest, so they can be sure the pets won´t come back home. Usually, cars or forest rangers solve their problem. We often find abandoned dogs in that forest, we once heard of puppies being left in a closed bag on the side of the road or even chained to a tree; their owners probably didn´t want to take any chances of them ever finding their way back home. Lucy was lucky enough to be found by Marilena, who couldn´t pass by indifferent. She has been with Marilena since early 2011, but we could never find a proper  home for her.
First picture of Lucy, immediately after being spayed

   She came to Happy Paws as soon as we could make it safe for her to be there. She is a shy girl who loves human contact, but doesn´t enjoy staying in a large group of dogs. She squeaks to be picked up, always looking for a gentle touch.

Lucy, internationally loved

Just look at her face, this is her dream...LOVE

Lucy was adopted for a brief period, by Marilena´s mother, but this lady says Lucy ate one of her chickens, which is a capital offence for Romanians. So, Lucy came back to Happy Paws and she is still waiting for a family who won´t raise any birds under her nose. We believe dogs are naturally curious and playful and once they feel the taste of blood, things get serious. But dogs and birds shouldn´t be kept together. Lucy is available for adoption to a loving family, preferably not a lot of dogs or cats around and not very young children. She is lovable, but prefers a quiet home.


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