vineri, 31 mai 2013

Nemi - a lucky puppy

Nemi was found this April on the streets. We were there with Elin Lonberg and Elin Hovrud to visit Scooby and Anca, when Nemi appeared around us, looking for food. We  decided to take her in and she was lucky enough not to be infected with Parvovirus. We immediatelly fall in love with her, she is a sweet, innocent puppy.

Nemi the night we found her

Nemi and Marilena

We asked our good friend and protege, Mrs. Minodora to foster her until Nemi is adopted, so Nemi found a temporary home with her.
Nemi lives with other 10 dogs and 2 cats, so she is sociable with them. Mrs. Minodora says Nemi is very sweet natured and one of the smartest dogs she has ever had. 

Nemi and Bogdan, 2 years old

Nemi is around 5 months old and has all her vaccines done and she will be spayed this June. She is medium size, friendly to people and nice to other animals. She is more of the quiet type, but she enjoys human company.
Nemi is available for ADOPTION.

Bliss - children's best friend (adopted)

Bliss was found last November, as a very young puppy; she was almost frozen on the street, so Daniela took her to the "nursery" of Happy Paws. Daniela found another puppy in Moreni, around that time, looking like Bliss and we assumed they were sisters. Both Bliss and Sassi were very fragile and we didn't think they would make it. Soon after taking them inside Happy Paws, all the puppies become ill with mange; Bliss was the smallest, most fragile of them, so Malina Ghete, our vet and friend, decided to foster her.

With almost no fur left, Bliss wouldn't have made it in Happy Paws during the winter

Malina gave her medical baths to cure the very bad case of mange

Bliss and Sassi when Daniela first found them

Bliss grew up in Malina's home and she loved it. Malina's children were Bliss' best friends and she enjoyed playing with them and with Malina's cat. Malina also fostered other dogs for us, so Bliss is used to having dogs around her. She loves playing with everyone and she loves to be cuddled, just like a normal puppy would. 

Trying to steal Bogdan's mittens :D

Bliss had a beautiful childhood thanks to our friend. But now she needs a home of her own

Bliss and Roxie, Malina's 3 legged rescued puppy who is now adopted

Bliss is the "perfect puppy", as some of our visitors, who have met her, say. She is sweet natured and very loving to everyone. But, for some reason, nobody seems to want to adopt her. She would be perfect in a home with dogs, cats and small children. 

Bliss (right) and her sister, Sassi (adopted) recovering after being spayed together

"Did you say I am gorgeous? Thought so.."

Waiting patiently for her family to find her

Bliss and Shakira (adopted)

Sadly, Bliss had to return to Happy Paws, because Malina has to foster some of our dogs with medical problems. We felt so sorry for her and we thought she would be miserable and acting out to show her discontent. But Bliss is so quiet and understanding, better than an adult dog. She sits patiently in her kennel, waiting. Bliss likes to play with the other dogs; she is not as active as before, because her life has changed  so much and not for the better. She is still children's best friend and she is waiting for her best friend to find her.
Bliss is around 8 months old, spayed and vaccined, medium size. She is beautiful, sweet natured, kind to people, kids, dogs and cats, playful and well behaved. She is ready and available for ADOPTION.

Helle, one of our visitors and great supporter fell in love with Bliss


And waiting...

And waiting for her family to find her...

I made this to show Bliss' progress