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Sonja- the broken princess

Sonja is a very special girl to me; I rescued her after almost witnessing her having her leg broken. It was one autumn night last year when I heard Sonja and her brothers and sisters playing and barking outside. They were young, active puppies; suddenly, I heard the most heartbreaking cry coming from outside. It was pretty clear one of the puppies was hurt. I ran outside, but it was dark and Sonja (back then a stray puppy I didn't know that well) had hidden under a car. I tried to reach her, but she cried even worse, so I decided to leave there til the morning, as it wasn't that long til I could really help her. She cried all night long...needless to say I was up and down those stairs, I just couldn't sleep with her hurting so much. She finally calmed down a bit, but she sighed like a baby, it was heartbreaking to hear her. First thing after I came from work (tried to find her before, but she was hidding in a different place than I had left her), I called Malina and she confirmed the left front leg was broken. She treated her and put a splint as soon as the leg wasn't swollen anymore.

I fell in love with Sonja immediately; though she was very upset about her leg, she was loving and playful, just as a normal puppy. Because I couldn't find a foster home for her, I took her to Happy Paws. She loved being surrounded by dogs and we could hardly keep her still. Also, we had problems keeping her from eating her splint, which she did twice. All she wanted was to play with the other dogs. She was a very active puppy, couldn't enjoy a cuddle without bitting and fussing.

We moved her to an individual kennel, just to keep her less active, so her leg would heal properly. In time, she taught herself to be an obedient and patient girl. From naughty puppy to a lovely, very well behaved young lady. I have to admitt I was concerned about her being adoptable, but I discovered her to be a perfect family dog: smart, loving and very gentle.

Sonja also changed a lot in her appearence, but she is a beautiful girl. She is not at all aggressive towards anyone, she enjoys playing with other dogs and she acts like a young puppy if attacked by bigger dogs, so she is pretty easy to be picked on. All of us love her dearly.

For now, Sonja will stay with us until she'll have her leg fixed. Sadly, it didn't heal well, so now she has a crooked leg which makes it difficult for her to walk or run as a normal dog would. But she is still the happy loving Sonja we all know and love. Just this weekend I saw her having fun with the other dogs. She will have to have an operation, the vet will cut her bone and put it back properly, so she will need to stay for a couple of months in foster care. But the vet is confident she will be ok and Sonja could join her family very soon. But, believe it or not, her family still hasn't found its way to Sonya. She is waiting patiently every day, she doesn't complain, but we can all see her sad eyes.

Sonja is about eight months old, spayed, medium size, very loving and gentle, playful, friendly to all dogs. She is very smart and obedient, almost as if she was trainned.
Meanwhile, Sonya has had surgerie and her leg is the best it can be. She still has a limp, but she can walk and play with others and she is as loving as ever to people. Sonja is available to go to a forever home immediately.

You can also watch her progress on Youtube:


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