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Tasha - the gypsy girl

We first found Tasha in the summer of 2011 at a RAR free spay/ neuter campaign. We spayed her and returned her on the street the next day. She was returned somewhere near my home, so I was supposed to check on her and feed her. But the very next day after she was returned, someone called and said that Tasha was attacked by some drunk teenagers who picked her up and threw her to the ground, only two days after her operation.  I rushed there to see if she was ok, luckily, she wasn't hurt. I took her in and looked for a foster home, I was afraid to let her back on the street.

The first picture in my home

For six months she stayed in a foster home in Moreni; I would go there to check on her and every time I saw her, she seemed fine. I decided to help all the pets of that family, they were spayed at the same campaign as Tasha, I gave them food for everybody, dewormed all the dogs and cats (8). I decided this because the family was poor and the cats and dogs were very skinny and covered in fleas.

Tasha at the foster family home

In January 2012 I found Tasha roaming on the streets of Moreni. She was cold and hungry, so I immediatelly took her with me. I waited for two days until the foster family had the decency to call me and let me know Tasha was missing. I took Tasha to my grandmother's house and I begged her to foster Tasha, although she had 4 dogs and she lives alone. After a few months, Tasha came to live at Happy Paws. As you see, she had to change a lot of homes in a short period of time, so she had to adjust to a lot of changes. I think she would do perfectly in a more quiet home with only one or two dogs; Happy Paws is too crowded for her, so fighting is a way to get our attention.

Her first 5 minutes at HP. Parnaie, Lucy and baby Nico were greeting Tasha

Tasha is a 4 years old girl, spayed, small to medium sized, friendly to people; she can be dominant with other dogs and she doesn't like large group of dogs. Tasha is a very loving girl, she enjoys to be cuddled, she is playful and intelligent. She gets along perfect with her kennel mate Santana who is more of the submmisive type. She is available for adoption.

Tasha and Santana

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