miercuri, 13 martie 2013

Bono - the shy rockstar

Daniela brought him last summer to Happy Paws. He was a young puppy, newly abandoned on the streets, he was terrified of people and other dogs. Daniela could barely catch him; he was very shy for a couple of weeks, no one could touch him. But soon he started to trust us., he leart from the other HP residents that we are safe to be around.

He became friends with Chloe and she started to open up to the other dogs. He soon became a very active and playfull puppy, sometimes acting even cheaky. We all tried to act very gentle around him, so he would learn to trust us. And I confess, we spoiled him, as we do with all puppies at Happy Paws.

He is now around one year old and he has settled in quite nicely; he is a nice young man with good manners, he is good to other dogs and friendly to people. We are proud to see how he has grown up to be a good family dog, sociable and well behaved.

Bono is a one year old boy, neutered, small to medium sized, friendly and sociable to other dogs. He is active and playfull, enjoys people's company and would love to have a family all of his own. He hasn't given up hope he will be adopted and neither did we. Bono is available for adoption. 

Faithfully waiting for his owner

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