marți, 5 februarie 2013

Why start Happy Paws?

           I admit I was reluctant at first, because I feared we would become an overloaded shelter with no better conditions than the PS Moreni. I knew my colleagues wouldn't keep their eyes and hearts shut and we would have more dogs than we can handle. This is a continuous fight with private shelters or sanctuaries in Romania.

          But at the end of 2011 it became clear to us that we have the chance to find new homes for a number of lucky dogs and we had no place to foster them until the adoption. Free and trustworthy foster families are a rare thing in Moreni (as it is all over Romania), so we had to come up with a plan. This is how Happy Paws started, we bought a small piece of land (who is actually the council's, but we pay no rent there; we bought the right to use it from the last owner). It was a huge effort to put it together, as it was one of the filthiest places I have ever seen. The former owner had it for 18 years and it seemed he had never cleaned it all that time. There was chicken, pig and rabbit poop all over, a lot of old and dirty kennels and all the fence had to be fixed. The place was a dump!

        We started working on it and made it what it is today: a safe place where dogs get the meat back on their bones and happiness back in their tails :)
We had to fix the fence all around HP, we built kennels, pour cement, build doggie houses. Marilenabought a new place just near HP and Daniela bought the "nursery", both using their own money. We have a total of 44 dogs and a cat and other 4 dogs in foster homes ( Blanche, Candy, Pixie, Anja and Anabelle).

Parnaie, sick of the whole thing :P

Marilena and Daniela

We struggle to keep the natural shades in HP, but the dogs seem to have a mind of their own about it

Obviously, he was the most tired of us all. Max was one of the first dogs to be rescued at Happy Paws after his adopter abandoned him on the streets.

Blue, Peppy and Mickey

Auras and his brother

We chose not to use cement all over HP, so the dogs feel some natural dirt under their feet and enjoy digging a good old fashion hole :)

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  1. I am full of admiration for you and your helpers! It is really hard work you did here and are still doing. It takes a dedicated mind and a lot of willpower to do what you have done!