luni, 25 februarie 2013

Dora - the talent show dog

She was abandoned in the public shelter last spring. We got her out just before a free spay/neuter campaign, we spayed and the freed her on the streets of Moreni; we had absolutely no room in Happy Paws for her and we were having problems with one of our "intelligent" neighbors at that time. Marilena would go feed her every day, but she was very unhappy and refused to eat; soon, she became even thinner than before. It was obvious to us she was a dog with an owner and she would not resist alone on the streets, because she desperately needed to feel she belonged somewhere. I have no idea why the owner didn't see the obvious...he must have not cared at all about her life...she was, after all, "just a dog".

This is all we have to offer at first, but she was so happy to be someone's dog

All her gestures showed a completely happy and grateful dog. She would appreciate every meal, needless to say her appetite grew, she would never fuss about anything, we let her run free twice a day, but never once did she complain about having to go back to be chained. She was always a loving girl; she thanked us every day for rescuing her and giving her a home.

At first, she was a bit unsure of herself, felt like she didn't had the same status as the rest of the dogs, although we treat everyone the same. It's like she knew we had to make a bit of an effort to take her in and she wanted to show her apreciation. Dora is a loving, modest and very understanding girl. All the more reasons for us to think her owner is a crazy person to abandon such a beautiful, sweet natured girl in the public shelter. She is definitely better off without such an undeserving "person". Good riddance!

Now she is more confident and shares the space with Pepper, from which she "borrowed" a few bad habitts, barking at other dogs in HP being the worst. But Dora is still a very sweet girl and very talented. Whenever I go take her picture, she really makes sure my photos are special. She somehow knows how to pose :)

I rest my case! :))

Dora is a 5 years old girl, spayed, medium size. She if friendly to other dogs, but not with cats. She is an obedient girl, playful and loving who would love nothing more than to give her big heart to someone. She knows she was born to love people, but for some reason, she was denied that so far. We all love her dearly at Happy Paws, but are aware this is only a temporary home for her. Dora is available for adoption.

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