marți, 11 iunie 2013

Ianis - the puppy who saved himself

Ianis was  found about a month ago, he was abandoned on the side of the road, in a forest somewhere. Marilena takes a lot of trips by car and she always has food and water for the dogs that are abandoned in almost every forest in Romania. Sadly, we can't save them all,  but she can never drive by a dog without giving him food and water. That is how she found Ianis, a small dog with skin problems, all alone in the woods. She was just thinking what to do about it (because Happy Paws is so full at the moment) and she went back to the car (leaving him eating a bit further) to get some water when he came screaming and jumped in the car. There was nothing more to think about, Ianis came back with Marilena at Happy Paws. 

Ianis is kept separate for now, because he is small, but bossy, so we are afraid the others won't be so kind to him while we are not there. He is very cute and loves to play. His behavior shows how grateful and happy he is to belong somewhere, even if he doesn't get nearly as much attention in a dog sanctuary as he really needs.

In love with Sandy...she is not that happy about it ;)

Ianis is a 5 months old boy, small size, very friendly and cute. He is playful with other dogs and likes to keep pretty busy. He is under treatment for his skin problems (already looking much better). Ianis will be neutered this week  and he soon will be available for ADOPTION.

How can anyone resist this cute face?

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