sâmbătă, 8 iunie 2013

Bell - from begger to princess

Bell was found last November abandoned on the streets of Moreni, all alone. Daniela took her in and she grew up in the nursery with other 10 puppies. She had mange, just as the others, but we treated all of them and they are now completely recovered. She was the biggest one of them and we could see right from the start she will be a gorgeous Husky mix. Bell was gentle and friendly to all the other puppies and to our tom cat, Mr. Felix. She is still a sweet natured girl who needs a home of her own.

All of them had mange, but now they are cured and very healthy. The little one on top is adopted to Norway

They all had a rough winter, but they survived and they now need loving homes

Bell is a very friendly girl, to both people and other dogs. her size doesn't make her aggressive to smaller dogs, on the contrary, she loves to play with everyone.

Bell is a very sweet, 8 months old girl. She is spayed and vaccinated and had no other health problems other than mange. Her fur is now incredibly beautiful and shinny. Bell is gentle and friendly and she loves to run and play with other dogs. She is ready and available for ADOPTION.

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