sâmbătă, 8 iunie 2013

Abby - a miracle she is still alive (please watch carefully)

Abby was found last autumn on the street with her front legs broken. She was hysterical whenever people would come and try to help her. We soon found out why: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4526513612733.169193.1587712168&type=3
This is a shocking story about human cruelty against animals and about people's indifference to animals' pain.

She was thrown or beaten and she jumped from the forth floor of a building through a glass window. She had an open fracture at one front leg and a broken wrist at the other one also her jaw was hurt. He recovery took a very long time and she is still scared of most people. For months we couldn't touch her and this has made her recovery very hard. She will never have  normal life again, she can't handle running or long walks. She used to stay like this to rest her front legs, but now she is a bit better.

Sweet Kangaroo Abby

Soon after her surgery

She is now fostered in happy Paws, where she learnt to tolerate other dogs and she is getting used to people coming in and approaching her. She is still a long way from being comfortable around people, but that is perfectly understandable after her ordeal.
If you'd like to support Abby through her mental and physical recovery, you can donate to Paypal: cainelemeu.moreni@yahoo.com.
She is around 3 years old, spayed, medium size and vaccinated. She is available for adoption only under special conditions to someone who understands and has experience with dogs with special needs.

Thank you!
Always looking for a comfortable position to eat

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