luni, 10 iunie 2013

Papi - a lucky guy

Last summer we were driving to the vet with 3 dogs, but we came back to Happy Paws with 4 dogs. Papi was abandoned on the side of the road, he had a huge belly, skin and bones, with no water or food. Of course, we couldn't leave him there, so he came back with us and grew up with Coco (for adoption) and Maya (adopted in UK). He was a playful, sweet puppy, very grateful to be saved from a certain death.


Papi, Coco (brown) and Maya, best friends

Papi is a playful, active teenager, a bit dominant to smaller male dogs. He spent the winter at his rescuer's place (Marilena), but he is now back at Happy Paws.

Papi showing a new girl how to relax at Happy Paws
Papi greeting poor Sonya

Papi is around one year old, neutered and vaccinated. He is medium size, very beautiful and playful, friendly to people. He can be dominant to other males, but can get well with female dogs. He is very active, so he would be perfect for a family who enjoys long walks.

Always on the run

Papi spent the winter with another rescued dog, Triola (Easy) and they got along very well

Papi loves his rescuer, Marilena, but sadly she can't adopt him

Papi is ready and available for ADOPTION.

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