miercuri, 20 martie 2013

Jolie - pocket girl (adopted)

We first found Jolie at a RAR free spay/neuter campaign; someone was supposedly taking care of her, but that person's only interest was to have Jolie's puppies. Well, we had to let her down and we weren't nice about it. Marilena returned her in the street, but close to her shop, so she could keep an eye on her and feed her.

But as the bad weather came, we understood Jolie wouldn't make it through the winter outside. She was skinny and because she is so little, bigger dogs were picking on her. Marilena took her to Happy Paws, where she settled in rather well. 

Jolie is a quiet little girl, although pretty active when greeting new dogs. She is bossy with smaller dogs, especially female dogs. She likes to be cuddled, but does enjoy to have some time for herself from time to time. Jolie is about 2 years old, spayed, Chihuahua mix. She is available for adoption preferably to a family with no small children and no cats. She enjoys to run free, so she wouldn't mind having long walks every now and then. 

Santana - love song "singer"

I first spotted Santana last October, she was running around the streets confused and scared; it was pretty obvious she had been recently abandoned. She had the saddest look in her eyes and she  followed everyone, hoping someone will take her home. I immediately fell in love with her. First thing I could do for her was to take her to the RAR free spay/neuter campaign; she allowed me to pick her in my arms and she was very well behaved all the way to the clinic. Before and after the surgery she came to me for comfort, she had adopted me as her human, I could see that right away. We spayed her, keep her for  one day at Malina's vet clinic, then had to return her in the street. You may wonder how I could do that, being as taken with her as I was: we had absolutely no free space at Happy Paws for her. We want to keep things safe and comfortable for the dogs there; taking all dogs that we fall in love with would mean to turn Happy Paws into a public shelter. But I visited her every day and feed her, she was sad and lonely. She kept her habit of following everyone in the hope someone will take her home, so her life was in danger crossing the street back and forth. I decided to take her in and the fact that we had two dogs adopted that same period made it possible.

Her eyes show just how much love she has to give

As months went by, Santana settled in at Happy Paws quite nicely. She enjoyed every cuddle she got and lots of food. We had to move her to another kennel, because she can climb on these wire fences like a cat and jump into the neighbors' yard. We have no idea why she does that, because she immediately starts to cry to come back to us. She is now kennel mate with Sasha and they get along very well.

Santana doubled her weight since we have her, she loves to eat. She is active and playful and very loving. It takes a while to settle down, sometimes she can be over eager to get affection, but she is a nice girl. She is around 3 years old, spayed, small size, Chihuahua mix. Santana is very affectionate to people and playful with other dogs. She is available for adoption to an energetic family who understands the Chihuahua temperament.

Coco - still the mind of a pupp

Coco and her 5 brothers and sisters were found abandoned on the street as young infant babies. Daniela took them to Happy Paws and bottle fed them. They were all growing surprisingly well, but Coco's siblings became ill and died despite all the treatment. It is difficult for infant puppies to survive, because they didn't get all the nutrients and the antibodies from their mother's milk. Coco was the only survivor; she grew up with other two abused and abandoned puppies at Happy Paws, Maya and Suri.

She was a happy, playful girl with a big appetite. After a while, we had to move her to the big dogs' kennels, because she was stealing the smaller dogs' food. She was very shy around adult dogs, even though she had about the same size as them. At first, she was afraid to leave her kennel when we let everyone around run free.

Coco is playful with other dogs, but she gets pretty scared if the other ones snap at her. She likes her kennel mate, Peppy, they always play nice together. She is also very loving to people; her look is truly the one of a puppy, so innocent and serene all the time. She is one year old, spayed, medium size. She is available for adoption, preferably to a family with not so many dogs. She loves to play and run free, so she would really enjoy long walks and an owner who will have fun playing with her.

marți, 19 martie 2013

Nemo - "captain" of his own life (adopted)

Me, Elin Lonberg and Froydis Kristiansen found Nemo last autumn somewhere near Happy Paws. He was wounded, cold and terrified of both people and other dogs. It was a very difficult rescue, because he would run in front of moving cars just to get away from us. We tried for several days to catch him and finally succeeded one rainy day; he ran to find shelter into a building and I managed to trap him and take him to Happy Paws. He was terribly scared of being handled and we couldn't touch him for days. But we were happy he was safe and warm; he also got treatment for his injury on his hip.

This photo was taken seconds after I caught him. You can see the difference on our faces, he was terrified, but I was delighted.
We gave him as much time as he needed to come around. We provided food and medicine and a safe place to recover. He looked as he didn't appreciate our efforts, but we knew he will soon feel at home with us. 

Not long after that, he settled in with the other dogs and with us. He was still shy, but very gentle and loving in his own way. We managed to find a good home for him not far from Moreni, but they called to tell us Nemo had ran away. Marilena drove there a  couple of times to find him; he was delighted to be back at Happy Paws. He wanted to show us just how happy he was to be back with us and became more friendly with us. We decided to keep him for a while and work on building his trust in people.

Nemo is a five years old boy, neutered, small sized, friendly to dogs and people. He is more of the quiet type, so he needs a quiet place where he can enjoy the rest of his life. He is still a little shy with strangers, but with a little patience and kindness, he warms up to anyone. We are confident he is available for ADOPTION.