miercuri, 20 martie 2013

Santana - love song "singer"

I first spotted Santana last October, she was running around the streets confused and scared; it was pretty obvious she had been recently abandoned. She had the saddest look in her eyes and she  followed everyone, hoping someone will take her home. I immediately fell in love with her. First thing I could do for her was to take her to the RAR free spay/neuter campaign; she allowed me to pick her in my arms and she was very well behaved all the way to the clinic. Before and after the surgery she came to me for comfort, she had adopted me as her human, I could see that right away. We spayed her, keep her for  one day at Malina's vet clinic, then had to return her in the street. You may wonder how I could do that, being as taken with her as I was: we had absolutely no free space at Happy Paws for her. We want to keep things safe and comfortable for the dogs there; taking all dogs that we fall in love with would mean to turn Happy Paws into a public shelter. But I visited her every day and feed her, she was sad and lonely. She kept her habit of following everyone in the hope someone will take her home, so her life was in danger crossing the street back and forth. I decided to take her in and the fact that we had two dogs adopted that same period made it possible.

Her eyes show just how much love she has to give

As months went by, Santana settled in at Happy Paws quite nicely. She enjoyed every cuddle she got and lots of food. We had to move her to another kennel, because she can climb on these wire fences like a cat and jump into the neighbors' yard. We have no idea why she does that, because she immediately starts to cry to come back to us. She is now kennel mate with Sasha and they get along very well.

Santana doubled her weight since we have her, she loves to eat. She is active and playful and very loving. It takes a while to settle down, sometimes she can be over eager to get affection, but she is a nice girl. She is around 3 years old, spayed, small size, Chihuahua mix. Santana is very affectionate to people and playful with other dogs. She is available for adoption to an energetic family who understands the Chihuahua temperament.

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