marți, 19 martie 2013

Nemo - "captain" of his own life (adopted)

Me, Elin Lonberg and Froydis Kristiansen found Nemo last autumn somewhere near Happy Paws. He was wounded, cold and terrified of both people and other dogs. It was a very difficult rescue, because he would run in front of moving cars just to get away from us. We tried for several days to catch him and finally succeeded one rainy day; he ran to find shelter into a building and I managed to trap him and take him to Happy Paws. He was terribly scared of being handled and we couldn't touch him for days. But we were happy he was safe and warm; he also got treatment for his injury on his hip.

This photo was taken seconds after I caught him. You can see the difference on our faces, he was terrified, but I was delighted.
We gave him as much time as he needed to come around. We provided food and medicine and a safe place to recover. He looked as he didn't appreciate our efforts, but we knew he will soon feel at home with us. 

Not long after that, he settled in with the other dogs and with us. He was still shy, but very gentle and loving in his own way. We managed to find a good home for him not far from Moreni, but they called to tell us Nemo had ran away. Marilena drove there a  couple of times to find him; he was delighted to be back at Happy Paws. He wanted to show us just how happy he was to be back with us and became more friendly with us. We decided to keep him for a while and work on building his trust in people.

Nemo is a five years old boy, neutered, small sized, friendly to dogs and people. He is more of the quiet type, so he needs a quiet place where he can enjoy the rest of his life. He is still a little shy with strangers, but with a little patience and kindness, he warms up to anyone. We are confident he is available for ADOPTION.

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