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Latest news at Happy Paws

 Ellie, on her way to UK to Safe Rescue 

Thank you everyone who supported little Ellie, thank you to her long distance mum and to Safe Rescue angels. We are hoping this little girl will find the most perfect family very soon. But, knowing Kelly Hare, this is the only possible ending to her story, a happy ending.


Vaccines and treatment for flees at Happy Paws

A happy dog is a healthy dog, that's our policy; so, no matter what we go through, Happy Paws' dogs need to be healthy and clean, as well as fed and loved.  Thank you everyone who donated for this cause!



Betty, new life in UK

She is now a beloved member of her new family. Betty is no longer unwanted, she is a spoiled princess who enjoys the best in life, as she should.



 Bliss and Jessie, adopted in UK

Happy babies are now safe and loved in their new homes. Their parents loves them and they forgot all about Romania.

Jessie, living the good life


The world looks different from behind the glass door


 Have a wonderful life, sweet babies! You deserve the best!



A visit at the vet clinic in Bucharest

Our dear Sonya http://happypawsstories.blogspot.ro/2013/03/sonya-is-very-special-girl-to-me-i.html, Sandy and Bobitza were taken by Marilena to see a very good doctor in Bucharest last week. Sonya had to have her leg checked after the operation (her old fracture had to be but into place after her leg was so crooked, she could barely walk). The vet was very pleased with her progress and we have one more step to take to see her recovered: she needs to have the metal plate from her leg removed in one month's time, so she will have another surgery. We hope she will soon be available for adoption, because she is a very sweet and special girl.
Sonya (right) and Bobitza at the vet

Sandy is a darling girl who's leg was broken by some bastard who threw a big rock at her. For no reason, because we can't even imagine what Sandy could have done to deserve that pain. Her hind right leg is broken and sadly it can't be fixed, but the vet wants to operate on her joint to help her use that leg as best as she can under the circumstances.

You can see her broken leg. This is the day we took her inside Happy Paws

At the vet

Finally, Bobitza is a sweet boy whom we took recently from an old lady who couldn't take care of 4 dogs and 2 cats anymore (my grandmother). I actually took Bobitza at her house around 5-6 years ago when I found him abandoned near my home. 
He has a problem, a lump caused by the salivary gland which we can't treat, only supervise and drain if it gets bigger. We don't know what cause it.

You can see the lump under his jaw
 We do what we can for all our dogs, trying to keep them healthy and fit, so that when a family finally decides to adopt them, they are in their best physical shape.
Thank you, Marilena, for driving and taking care of 3 dogs all on your own!



 More fixing done at Happy Paws

Thanks to your generous donations, Marilena could do a lot of fixing at Happy Paws. She found and supervised 2 workers who managed to build and replace 3 kennel gates and 5 doggie houses.

Our next project is a safety project:  a 30 meters long fence which separates us from one neighbor who had enough of our dogs digging under and jumping over the bad fence. We need to buy wire fence and cement. If you would like to donate, you can use our DONATE button on this blog, or directly to Paypal: cainelemeu.moreni@yahoo.com. Thank you!

We use old pieces of wood to protect the old fence from dogs digging under it, but it's no use

An old door and rocks to keep the fence standing and safe from digging


Deworming day at Happy Paws

Thanks to our dear supporters, all of our babies are properly dewormed for the summer. Next week I will also give everyone their monthly dose of Heartgard, so generously donated by Nancy Janes (who also received it from a kind, yet anonymous donor). Heartgard is meant to protect the dogs against the terrible disease knows as "heart worms"; being so close to the creek (right behind Happy Paws) we need to be extra careful in keeping our dogs healthy and safe.
Thank you dr Malina Ghete, our friend and vet who takes time to come to Happy Paws and take care of everything that we need.
Soon we will have to vaccinate 20 of our HP dogs, as their annual vaccination is due in June. Thanks to all the people that contribute to the Philly's Minnefond and to Elin Lonberg who is struggling to raise money for us, we already have 100 Euros for vaccines (10 vaccines).
Our first priority is to keep all of our dogs healthy and happy. We take pride in being a safe sanctuary were health comes above all, so all our animals are dewormed, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and were every health problem, no matter how big or small, is attended right away in the best possible way.



Jessie and Molly will soon leave to UK

Wonderful news for our two little munchkins! Kelly Hare, our small dogs guardian angel from UK offered to help us again by fostering these sweet, adorable girls. Both of them were abandoned by their owners after a life of neglect. Jessie was abandoned last winter, she was skinny and had marks of being chained; we could see she had a rough life. She loves to be cuddled and she needs a lot of love and attention. She is very active and playful to all size dogs. Jessie is very loving to people, she actually loves to climb on our shoulders, like a cat :D

Skin and bones, she was desperate for food

Molly was found this spring at one of our free spay/neuter event sponsored by R.A.R. She was wondering on the streets, all alone and people told us she belonged to a family who kicked her out, then threw rocks at her to keep her away. Poor Molly couldn't understand their behaviour and she was trying to come back home, but they stoned her until she finally left. She was very scared and wild when we found her and it took sometime for us to be able to touch her. Molly is still shy, but she is more used to new people and dogs. We hope she will find a quiet home where she can forget all about her old family and their betrail. Molly is a very sweet little girl.

Anca, our friend, found her and brought her to the free spay event

Hungry and scared

She is now more confident and responds when someone calls to cuddle her

So, thank you Kelly Hare for giving them the chance of a new, happy life! Jessie and Molly will soon forget about their sad past and start a fabulous life with families who understand them for who they really are: amazing little beings who deserve to be loved and spoiled.
Thank you very much to their long distance adopters who helped us to keep them fed and healthy and who were there to support their journey back to confidence in humanity!
Good luck, sweeties!


 Wonderful friends visiting Happy Paws

Our good friend Elin Lonberg came back to Moreni, it seems she just can't stay away for too long :D
But this time, she brought her 9 years old daughter with her, Helle. I can safely say I have never met or imagined there could be a more compassionate and sensitive child of her age. She has participated with an opened heart to everything we did, she has met a lot of  people and was very polite and understanding to them, even though everything must have seemed so strange to her. Helle had to digest a lot of things in only 6 days, but she did it without ever complaining or raising her voice.  I am impressed with her and with the way Elin has brought her up and I am grateful to be able to call them "my friends".
I already miss my two BFFs!

Elin, Helle and Snuppa

Elin cuddling with Reika and Noah, both for adoption

Helle and Ciquita bounded really well. Ciquita is a very loving girl and she is available for adoption

They knew Elin was in town ;)

helle rescued Penny and she is sponsoring her until adoption

Elin and Helle feeding Happy, a stray puppy in Moreni




Sadie is home in Glasgow

She is finally home and she is very loved by her new family. Sadie has a new best friend in the person of Max, a four years old boy . We are very happy that another Happy Paws resident has found her way home.

Good luck with your new family, sweet Sadie!

 Rebuilding Happy Paws

Happy Paws was in a great need of being fixed, all the kennels were broken, dogs were getting out and started fighting with each other; we also need to replace 10 doggie houses because they were made of old furniture which didn't respond so well to the last winter. With your help, we are making Happy Paws a safe place again and we have high hopes it will be only a temporary home for ALL it's residentes.
Yesterday, almost all the kennels were fixed thanks to your support and to Marilena who found and supervised two handymen. We hope that very soon all Happy Paws' needs will be attended, so our foster dogs can have a good life before finding their way home.
Here is what we acomplished:

We are very grateful for your help and we can tell that all the dogs feel much better now; some of them were excited to go back to their kennels. 
We still need your help with the following issues:
  • 10 doggie houses need to be replaced. A very dear friend of ours offered to pay for 5 of them, so we need help with only 5 more;



We are actually using this, rapped in an old coat and some plastic


  •  we need to put a concrete border along side the fence which is common with a neighbor who is raising chickens; dogs are used to dig wholes in that area and we want no accidents.

    We are using these old things to  protect it, but I managed to get hurt in an old nail this week.

  •  we still need running water, but the water company promised they won't charge for the project, if there are at least 8 people signing the contract with them, which states that every owner has to pay 10 lei per month (a bit over 2 Euros). Still, people refuse to sign, thinking others will and they will steal water from them. Don't you just love Romanians? I do...
    But hopefully, we will have running water soon.

    I will keep everyone updated on our progress. Thank you again for all your help and faith in us!

Grasa and Sayuri are expected HOME

Grasa (now Sadie) and Sayuri (Emma) are two very lucky girls who have finally found their way home. I am confident they will have great lives with their new families and I hope they will soon forget everything about Romania.
Happy Paws is only a temporary home for our 45 dogs, so every time a dog is adopted, Happy Paws proves it's mission: a sanctuary where dogs find their health and confidence in people; we are trying to find only the best families for our babies and so far, we had no complaints ;)
So, good luck Sadie and Emma! We love you very much and we are lucky to have had you two sweethearts in our lives!
Sadie (Grasa, Vagonel)

Preparing for a wonderful life with a new best friend

Emma (Sayuri)




Happy Paws needs an upgrade

Happy Paws dog sanctuary needs fixing so the dogs can be happy and safe. Our 45 dogs need to have proper kennels and doggie houses and our sanctuary needs running water. Also, we need some more crates for our trips to the vet and to the airport; we will also use them at our spay/neuter events sponsored by Romania Animal Rescue. The reason we started Happy Paws was to have a place were dog have decent temporary home until adoption. But to make this possible, we need your support. Here are our main problems:

1. the kennels are not safe anymore, so the wire fence needs to be replaced; the dogs made holes and they not only go out of the kennel, but also get stuck into this wire holes;
2. some of the doggie houses were made out of old furniture and because of the wet season that has just passed, they can't be used anymore;
3. the water company that was providing for us is no longer doing that, so we need to find another one and pay for the pipe, the digging and for the device that will measure the consumption of water in the future;
4. we need more crates for our transports to the vet and to the airport and also for RAR's free spay/neuter events; we have only 3 small crates for now which were kindly donated by our Norwegian friends.
5. protect de natural shades at Happy Paws (by wrapping the vines and the trees in wire fencing) and provide for artificial one where is needed.
To support our efforts you can use the "Donate" button on this blog, or use our Paypal address: cainelemeu.moreni@yahoo.com.
You can follow our progress on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/181586448666397/

Meeting wonderful new friends at the Spayathon in Craiova

I am ever so happy to have been able to participate at the Craiova Spayathon supported kindly by Romania Animal Rescue and Nancy Janes. It was an excellent chance to meet new exciting people and be involved in a wonderful, dedicate team of animal rescuers. As expected, I felt right at home among these people who share my love for animals and hopes for a better future for them.
Finally, I got to meet the lovely Nancy Janes who dedicates her life to Romanian animals. She is such a caring, warm person and I for one feel lucky to have met her. Nancy and her husband Rory taught me a lesson about how important respect, understanding and love are to a couple. I am very happy to have met you!
Bonnie Siddons was a wonderful surprise, I am happy to know her; she filled me with warmth and laughter these 4 days we were together and I am lucky to have a friend like her in the world.
Carol Byers and Ulrike Schicho from Animal Care Austria are 2 very kind ladies who are struggling to make the world a better place for animals, including Romanian strays; an honor to meet such dedicated people!
Suzy Utzinger and her fabulous Swiss team have made it easier for everyone by getting involved in the hard activities of a Spayathon with dedication and professionalism. Thank you!
Last, but not least, I was very happy to meet Lelia Creanga and Oana Popescu and her team in Craiova. It is always wonderful to meet Romanian rescuers such as myself, who struggle to improve the issue of stray animals in Romania by getting involved in neutering and education.
The RAR team of vets were as dedicated as ever and they showed me once again that speed and professionalism can go beautifully together.
 What an amazing experience! It is such a wonderful thing to know one is not alone in his struggle for animals and that there are people, all over the world, who share this dream!
Nancy Janes and the dream team of RAR vets

The dedicated team of animal lovers in Craiova

Both legs on the right side broken; but this puppy is already much better and
will be adopted in Austria thanks to Carol Byers from Animal Care Austria

Broken leg, but doing very well. He is currently fostered by
Speranta pentru animale in Craiova

911 RAR, emergency for fertile dogs in Romania :D

Bonnie Siddons and Nancy Janes

Sonya's trip to recovery

You can find Sonya's story here: http://happypawsstories.blogspot.ro/2013/03/sonya-is-very-special-girl-to-me-i.html.

Needless to say, she had a rough start in life; but we are doing everything we can to make sure she has the brightest future, so Sonya' is on her way to recovery. Just before the surgery, she couldn't walk as well as the others and being an energetic puppy, that made it hard for her. Her first trip to the vet gave us some good news, her left leg could be fixed, however, she will not be able to walk normally again.



Her left leg looks a lot better now and she is already standing on it. Sonya is fostered by our good friend and vet, Malina Ghete, who is taking good care of her.  In a month's time, Sonya needs to go back to the vet and have the pins removed from her leg, but after that we hope she will be healthy and happy and, most importantly, ready for adoption. Sonya is an incredibly sweet and friendly girl who deserves a chance to a normal, happy life.



An impossible love story between a "duck" and a cat

For those who don't know, I am the "duck" :) and I fell madly in love with Elsa, a stray cat from Brasov. For one month and a half I have been her foster mum, both in Brasov and in Moreni and have found how much fun can cats be. Although a dog person, I love cats and would love to help as much stray cats as I can; sadly, my foster possibilities are very low, so I may very well work even harder on getting our lovely dogs adopted. I am happy to tell everyone that Elsa has found her perfect home where she is finally treated how all cats should, as royalty.
This love story left me a bit sad for parting with my beloved Elsa (and everyone who were at the leaving point for UK last week can certify that), but I can add a very successful cat adoption to my resume :D
Charming her way inside my home

Cat love

In between crying sessions :P

At home, in UK


Shakira, Sassi and Fenris are home

Well, as always these Norwegian people never come empty handed, but they also never leave empty handed :) Shakira has found a happy life with Elin Lonberg and her "pack" of girls and Sassi and Fenris are well taken care of by Elin Hovrud. Needless to say they are very lucky to have found such loving homes, we are nothing but grateful for that. Good luck, babies!


Meeting dear friends again

Elin Lonberg and Elin Hovrud visited Moreni and Happy Paws again, bringing a breath of fresh air with them...and rain, as usual :P
Needless to say we were all so happy to spend time with them again, the dogs loved them and all of us miss them terrible already. Sadly, they experienced some of the sad realities we have to handle here almost everyday: their rescue puppies died of parvovirus, despite all the treatment and praying. They got to understand the hard way the importance of vaccination and they are trying to support us through our efforts of vaccinating the dogs that come into our spay/neuter events.
We shared good times and bad times and all of it brought us even closer together. We are all very grateful for your efforts and trust in us and you are all welcome to visit us and our furry friends!



Another successful RAR campaign in Moreni

Another 92 animals were spayed and neutered thanks to Nancy Janes and RAR donors and team. All of us worked hard and we were happy to have the support of our dear friends Elin Lonberg and Elin Hovrud, who spared no efforts those 2 days. Moreni is so grateful for the great work provided by Romanian Animal Rescue; people have started to really understand the importance of spaying their animals, which means we are on the right way to a stray free town. We are also hoping the City Council will step up and get more involved in the near future.



Lucy and Blanche (Daisy) adopted in Norway

Just when I thought Lucy will never find her way home, there she goes home to a wonderful friend of ours, Regine Ridchardsen. Lucy and Blanche are now very spoiled, living as they should, in a home filled with love and understanding. We are so grateful for this amazing chance and we wish are two sweet girls the best of luck!




Sasha and Nelson are finally home

The two little troubled sibling have finally found their way home. Both of them are happy and safe with families who understand and appreciate their past and are determined to give them the best future possible.

Nelson is now named Mars and he is best friends with a Collie Mix. He is getting all the attention he needs and he is enjoying his long walks with his friend. He is so much more confident than any of us ever expected, which means he needed a family of his own just to express his sweet, confident self. Thank you, Kelly Hare for your precious help! Good luck, Mars!

Sasha is also getting there, slower than her brother, but her family understands her and loves her all the same. She has a room all to herself for now, so she can feel safe and take all the space and time she need to settle with her new home. Her mum Karen just informed us that Sasha made some valuable progress today when she decided to take a walk in the garden all by herself and check things out. Her new best friend Skyler is also a Romanian rescue dog who is more than happy to show her around. I am confident Sasha will become a very sweet and happy dog soon, putting all her terrible past behind her. Good luck, beautiful Sasha!
We can only pray that their sister Grace is happy wherever she is! Rest in peace, sweet Grace!


Sasha's travel home delayed

Recent observation on Sasha led me to believe there is something wrong with her lower jaw line. Taking photos of her for her new mummy exposed that her lower jaw is moving towards the left, which would explain her past eating issues. We always thought she is eating with more difficulties than the others, especially dry food. But her problem was never noticeable by sight so far, so we had no idea what the problem was. We always tried to help her by feeding her soup, wet food or dry food left in soup to become easier to chew.
This photo got me thinking something was wrong

Speaking to her new mum about this, we all decided to have Sasha seen by a vet. Madalina and Auras were kind enough to drive her 100 kilometers to Bucharest to see a very good doctor. This vet asked for an X-ray, of course, so he can better asses her condition. His conclusion was that Sasha had a fracture as a young puppy, most likely she was hit in the mouth. We must wait for the growth process to finish and see what needs to be done, so Sasha can have a normal life. He said that we couldn't have seen this was happening to her before, because the effects weren't visible until recently.
So this is what happened to her before she came to Happy Paws. We all know how Grace, Sasha's sister, died and why she died. It seems these three puppies weren't so safe in that factory yard where they were first spotted by their "rescuer". But that is in the past; as soon as Sasha and Nelson came at Happy Paws, we tried to focus on making their lives just perfect. It does help me understand why both Sasha and Nelson are so wild, so terrified of new people and places. Having them prepared for adoption, made us handle them more, get them out from their safe refuge and put them face to face with new people and situations. Nelson is much more confident than Sasha, although still pretty shy, but now we all understand why.
Sasha visiting Malina; absolutely terrified by the experience

Sasha and Nelson in the car after they were spayed/ neutered;
you can all see Nelson is much more responsive than Sasha

The good news is they are both expected in UK and we have no reason to believe they won't have great lives; that is certainly what we want for them. Sasha's family has experience with traumatized animals, her new mum actually took classes to handle such animals. We all agree that keeping Sasha away from proper socialization will do more harm than good, so we hope she can go home as soon as possible. She will have all the time in the world to adjust to her new home and plenty of friends to share it with (cats, a Romanian dog and bunnies).
Nelson will go to Kelly Hare for foster soon and I have every confidence she will find the most perfect family for him. He is such a darling boy, anyone would be lucky to have him.
So, their life had a very traumatic start, but seeing them so happy at Happy Paws, makes us believe they will blossom if they are shown people are not there to hurt them. That is definitely the lesson we want to teach every dog at Happy Paws.


P.S. We will not forget about sweet Grace! R.I.P. darling girl!



Spring wanted at Happy Paws

First of all, we all want to thank everyone in this group for helping us get through our first winter. Thanks to all of you, Happy Paws residents are healthy and fat and are looking forward to welcome the spring.

 But, as all of you know, every home needs improvements from time to time. Marilena, Auras and I were inspecting Happy Paws last Thursday and we made a list of things that we need aroun HP, so that the dogs can be as happy and safe as before. Now that the winter is gone (Thank DOG as Elin says), we need to think about the upcoming summer and how to keep our furry friends safe from the heat.

So, these are Happy Paws's needs:

1. Kennel repairs

Some of them need mending, because some of the dogs found a new hobby into bitting the wire fence. Peppy is by far the best at it :D

Peppy goes right through that hole in the fence, he might even hurt himself.
Coco tryes to copy him and gets her head stuck through the fence.

Willie and Grasa are extremely determined to get out; the fence won't last for long,
 no matter how much Jessie barks at them to stop

The wire fence between Yuki and Mickey is so damaged,
we always find Mickey in Yuki's kennel

2. Kennel gates
Because Greya is a bit dangerous to be staying in a kennel with no gate, we had to move Red in her place. For the moment he is chained again and we can't let him out of it until we can make a
gate for that kennel. 

2. *   Also, as you may remember, we have a new space donated by one of our neighbours next to the big yard. Auras built a new fence for it, but we need a gate that will give us the possiblity to have access to it. We also need cement flooring for that new space and a higher fence that conects to the neighbours yard, so our dogs won't jump into her yard and make trouble.

Auras says we can use some hard wire fence to complete the missing space

3. New kennel for Pepper and Dora
The two cuties need to stay away from the main gate and the vines, so we need to build a fence and a gate for them. They will have plenty of space to play, actually, it will be the biggest kennel at Happy Paws. We may also plant some trees there, because the vines isn't all good and we are expecting to see what can be saved of it. As we experienced last summer, nothing is best than natural shades with 38-40 degrees outside.

 4. Vines protection
We absolutely need to protect the vines. The dogs have destoyed a part of it by chewing it, but we need to save and protect the rest. If we can't provide natural shades for them, this summer will be a long and hot one. For this, we need to buy wire fence and rapp it around the vines and trees, so the dogs can't reach and chew it. 

The red mark shows how it needs to be done, the wire fence goes in front of the vines
 and keeps dogs from chewing it

This is what we hope to have also this summer for them. 

 In order to achieve all this, I have asked Auras to make a list of materials and expences involved and we will try to raise the money to do it as soon as possible. We are excited waiting for spring to come at Happy Paws, we miss the sun and the green around here. You can be sure the dogs miss it too, they are always so active and happy whenever the sun is kind enough to drop by.

We are also happy to report that Happy Paws is now one year old! It has been a good year, we all learnt a lot, cried and laughed, work very hard, hoped even harder; but, most of all, our lives became richer with love, wonderful friends and happy stories. Thank you all for being there for us.  We may be the ones doing the actual work, but all of you are truly the heart of Happy Paws.

Happy Paws

 The 7 cute dwarfs have a new kennel

Cherie, Bror, Zevs, Teddy, Dumble, Boss and Ailo have a new place to live. They are comfortable and warm, they can't even stay outside their doggie houses when is raining. All of them are healthy and vaccinated, playful and very lovig.
Daniela rented a new place near Happy Paws with Anca and Daniela moved all the puppies there, so they can have more room to play.
Little Ailo and Boss got their life saving vaccines lat week.


Valentine´s Day takes Daisy home

 Daisy came to us this autumn. I found her at the dumpster near Happy Paws looking for food. We had a free spay/ neuter campaign the next day, so I immediately decided to take her in. She was spayed and of course we couldn´t leave her back in the street. We later on found out her story: Daisy was adopted by a family who came home from Italy, where they worked; they wanted a "toy dog" for their son and picked out Daisy. But they soon bought a pure breed dog, as any respectable Romanian family does, so Daisy was pushed out of her home. She would go back to their door and cry every day, but no one cared about her, she was just a mix breed, a stray. A nice neighbour there used to feed her and she was the one who told us Daisy´s story. We decided to show her that being a mix breed is just as valuable as being pure breed. Real people care about all animals, no matter their background.


This blurry photo shows her true playful nature, she is always doing something :)

   Daisy is a cute young dog, she is always the first to ask for a cuddle and loves to play with all dogs, no matter the size. She is always checking out everyone´s kennel to see what´s up and she finds her way through the fences. Daisy is a cute active dog, but when picked up, she melts in your arms. I always thought she acts like a little cheeky monkey just to attract attention and be loved.

Thank you Nancy Janes and anonymous donor!

Elina and her son Steluta were adopted this week

Remember Elina and Steluta? They were so lucky this week, they were both adopted by their very own rescuer, Anca. She took them to her mother's place, where she visits them very often. Anca is the best owner for them, she saw them when they were nearly dead and decided to save their life and now, give them a chance to a normal life in a home. We love you, Anca! 

Elina and Steluta finally at HOME

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