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Most shocking rescues

Please allow me to tell you this story, as a way of showing you what we work with. This happens all over Romania due to people's indiference and cruelty. We try to rescue these desperate animals who go through unimaginable pain and suffering. I am constantly amazed about their resistance and about their possiblity of starting fresh.

Max arriving at Ortovet in Bucharest, May 2010
It all started with Max. This is how I discovered Facebook and other people's support. His story went world wide and people all over offered to help him. He was suffering on the streets of Moreni for two years before I found him and people in Moreni wanted him gone, so they wouldn't see his "ugly face".
He soon became a star and everyone coming at Ortovet was asking about him.
He received lots of love and attention while there.
He had Sticker tumour on his face, he could hardly see or breath and the smell was incredible. He had to be rescued immediately.

He had several surgeries done and cytostatic treatment. He was at Ortovet for 6 months, then fostered by Anda Murgu near Bucharest. He is now adopted in Germany.
Max with Anda Murgu

Finally, at home

Not long after that I found Tommy, a severe case of mange who could barely stand on his feet. People who fed him tried several times to treat the mange, but he kept looking worse. 


Tommy at Ortovet in Bucharest, April 2010

 He stayed there for six months and he was helped by a very nice lady in Denmark to recover. She also helped him to be adopted there.
At Ortovet, getting better
Susie was descovered at our first free spay/neuter campaign sponsored by RAR, she had internal problems and had to have one of her kidneys removed.

Susie, two hours after her major intervention
She was in foster care for over a year, but now she lives in Sweden, where she is very spoiled by her dad. Viktoria Tocca helped me getting her there. 

In foster care at my grandmother's

Susie at home

That first campaign help me discover another abandoned beauty. She was abandoned in the PS Moreni (along with Candy and Pixie). Daisy was just a puppy, she was scared, hungry and very sick.

Daisy in a filthy kennel next to Candy and Pixie (who were really mean to her)

She had Babesiosis, a disease given by infected ticks. By the time I reached the vet, she had a high fever (40 degrees Celsius) and could barely keep her head up.
I fostered Daisy at home
She is now adopted in Cluj, Romania and I was helped again by Viktoria Tocca with the adoption.

We found Stela in PS Moreni where she was abandoned by her owner. She had a broken paw and was very nervous about all the dogs barking.

She would hurt her paw by dragging it on the cement

The vet amputated her front leg and she is now fostered by Iulia Capatana. She is not up for adoption due to behaviour problems (she doesn't like other dogs or cats), but she is happy.

Curly apperead one day in the park and I couldn't tell what animal she was. She was the worst case of matted fur I have ever seen. People shoo her away, because she looked so scary.
Malina had to go out of town, but she helped me tranquilize Curly,
so I could give her a much needed haircut
She had a lot of matted hair and she was infested with fleas. Immediately after she woke up, she put her paws around my neck, saying "Please rescue me!" I found a foster place and then fostered her myself.

Begging her way into my bedroom

She is now living in Scotland where she runs free on the desert beach with her two brothers.

Tinka began her life at Happy Paws in April 2012 and was almost dead when we rescued her. She was abandoned at a dumpster near HP and was extremely undernurished and eaten alive by lice. She had almost no strenght in her small body when she came to us.

All her skin was irritated because of the lice.
She had a slow recovery at HP. Because she was starving as a young pup, she had problems with her legs and developed what vets call " bear paws". Her calcium level was very poor, so her paws were growing crooked.

She was never an active puppy, but she enjoyed cuddles.

She is now adopted in Belgium and she is getting treatment for her problems.

Tiny Tim (Patroclus) was found on the streets as a young puppy, paralyzed by his back legs. I saw him standing in front of a supermarket, begging for food and people passing by without even looking at him.  


Tiny Tim at HP

We tried making him as comfortable as we could, but knew that he couldn't be kept at HP after the summer was gone. He was the most playful and active puppy we had ever seen and nothing could stop him from joining the other dogs at HP.

He is now adopted in the USA with a wonderful lady who cares for him and makes sure he has every chance of having a normal life. He is still very playful and a happy natured dog.

Roxie was brought to Malina's by a kid who found her like this on the streets. She was a two months old puppy, with a rotten leg. It was Christmas 2012, but this puppy was in pain. So Malina amputated her leg immediately.

Malina now fosteres her until she goes home in Belgium.
We definitely had to struggle for each and every case shown here and we would have never been able to help them without you, our kind donors and supporters. Knowing you are in our lives, gives us strenght and courage to go on.  So, THANK YOU!

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  1. We are the ones who should thank YOU fantastic people working so hard every day of the year to help dogs, to give them a life. These stories makes me cry...first for the cruelty that caused them to suffer, and second for the unbelievable amount of work you do to nurse them, foster them and give them a new chance in life.
    From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU! <3 <3