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Parnaie (Jail) - finally a free dog at Happy Paws

   Parnaie spent his childhood and teenage months in the public shelter. He was miserable there, but he tried to make the best of it. He was the cleanest dog there, he struggled to keep his kennel clean despite of the ridiculous small space he had to live, eat and poo in. He managed to survive two massacres there until we could finally get him out. We neutered him then released him near Marilena´s building.
This is what the kennels at the public shelter looked like. In this picture you can see Candy, she is now in foster care. The public shelter was closed down in April 2012

Parnaie is a very special dog. He is quiet and likes to keep to himself. He is very loyal to his rescuer, but doesn´t like strangers or large groups of dogs. He was at Happy Paws from the beginning, supervising us while building it from the ground.
We leave him stay outside the kennels, he is the guardian of Happy Paws. He likes to sleep in our shed and threatens every dog that wants to join him. He is a nice dog, but because he had such bad life before, we give him space to be himself without trying to turn him into a cute lovable dog. He has earned his freedom in a very hard way, surviving the death camp.

Taking his picture means dogs will snoop into his food bowl. "Better stay away!"


 But behind his tough mask, he is a gentle loving dog. He never wished to be born into a world of cruelty and indifference. He never asked to be taken as a young puppy into the public shelter where he learnt that humans are not to be trusted. He tried to survive as best as he could, hoping one day he´ll leave the jail. And that time is here. Happy Paws will be his loving home for as long as he needs to. Parnaie is not yet available for adoption.


Parnaie and Marilena, his rescuer

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