joi, 14 februarie 2013

Triola - life is just as fun having 3 legs (reserved)

  Triola was rescued from the public shelter; she was one of the lucky dogs who got out of there alive. She was spayed and then freed in the central park, this was back in 2011 when Happy Paws didn't exist. We had no place to take her, but Marilena would go there every day to feed all the dogs. One day she found Triola badly hurt, open fracture to her right front leg. She took her to Ploiesti immediately and her leg had to be amputated. But Triola had a very hard and long recovery. Her wound got infected and Marilena had to take many trips to the vet before she was healthy again.
Triola was fostered by Marilena and her family. She was very happy, despite her missing leg

Marilena's husband said Triola had to go to Happy Paws as soon as we opened it. Triola felt abandoned and she missed Marilena very much. We could see she was in distress and very fearful after another dog attacked her while we were gone. When Marilena bought another small piece of land very near to the "big" Happy Paws, she was taken there and she felt better. But still, we saw she was out of place, she felt like she didn't belong there. Marilena is fostering her again since last December.

Triola and Marilena

Triola is a very sweet girl, playful and curious, spoiled and very sensistive when it comes to how much or little attention she gets. She is nice to other dogs, but doesn't seek their company all the time. She is finally reserved for going to a home of her own.


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