vineri, 22 februarie 2013

Mister Peppy - a real prince

He came at Happy Paws after he was neutered at one of RAR's free spay/neuter campaign last May. He had been abandoned in front of the public shelter and, for some reason, the dogcatchers didn't take him in. But he was starving, he was only a puppy, all alone in a desert side of Moreni.
We originally thought he was a brother of other two dogs abandoned from the shelter who looked like him, Blue and Mickey, but he is smaller than them.

From left to right, Mickey, Blue (adopted) and Mister Peppy

Peppy is very vulnerable and needs human attention at all times; he is desperate to get more and more cuddles and he would love a home of his own.

He likes female dogs best and he can be pretty bossy with males, no matter their size. Mister Peppy is a very courageous young boy, who will let you know he needs more attention. He is medium size, neutered, friendly do female dogs and very loving to people. He is available for adoption.

Loves his treats

With Coco, his  female room mate

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