vineri, 4 octombrie 2013

Happy Paws is going BIG

It was never our intention to have more than 20-30 dogs at once inside Happy Paws; we decided this from the start, because we built our sanctuary thinking this would be a place where dogs could find their health and trust in people and having hundreds of dogs wouldn't have allowed us to follow with this idea. We managed to keep this plan working for a year, then more and more dogs needed our help; even so, a Happy Paws dog was never sent back or had any complaints from the adopter. We are proud to say we managed to find perfect homes for our dogs and the perfect dogs for the homes that needed them.

Lately, Romania has gone insane...there is no other explanation for what is happening now; no matter how hard we try to wrap our minds around it, the level of hatered and corruption that has exploded all over  Romania is beyond anyone's imagination.  We are left to do what we can for the thousands of stray dogs which, under the law, have to be murdered.

During the last month, Happy Paws has reached a little over 100 dogs. Although we don't have space or resources (food, doggie houses, volunteers), we couldn't pass by indifferent to those who have been our friends for years. They came to us for shleter and we couldn't say no, knowing that it might have been the last time we ever saw them alive. Again, it was a horrible period of our lives, were we had to decide who gets saved and who is left in the streets to die. How can anyone be expected to make such a decision?

I can speak for myself and for my colleagues when saying we couldn't recognize ourselves during this past month. We were no longer wives, mothers or daughters, we were just empty human beings led by hysteria, desperation, nervos breakdowns and pain; for days and days, we couldn't function without calming pills. We were desperate to save those that we have taken care of for years in the street; some may ask why haven't we saved them before and taken them to Happy Paws? Because sheltering dogs uncontrollably isn't the sollution! We saved those who needed us the most, those injured, abused, neglected, while continuing free spay/neuter events supported by Romania Animal Rescue for the ones left in the streets.

You may have thought at some point we are making illogical decisions, spending money in a foolish or irresponsible way, saying one thing and doing are right! But Romania has been far from being logical, responsible or stable lately and we had to make the best of what we were presented with at that time. We faced angry mobs who abused us verbaly and even phisically; any attempt of protecting stray dogs was seen as a terrible sin; we were accused of stealing from the Romanian people (because mass-media has spread this idiotic story that NGOs are funded by the state, which is a huge lie), of dumping trucks of stray dogs from one town to the other. We had to fight with people, dogcatchers, local authorities, local police and still find the courage and strenght to rescue over 60 dogs in one month and provide proper shelter and food for them. My most dedicated colleague (the only one owning a personal car) can barely make a sentence, she is that exhausted, both mentaly and phisically. One may ask, why keep fighting like this, when it's so little chance to make a difference? Because we have seen things that one couldn't believe unless they were there: dogs that never approched us before followed us to the door, or jumped in our car, dogs that we have never met before came to us and put their heads on our feet, begging to be saved or running after my colleague's moving car, crying for help, dogs that knew what was coming and desperately begged us to rescue them.

Happy Paws is no longer the small dogs sanctuary we all knew before. We need 50 kilograms of dry food per day and we need to have them vaccinated, so everyone is healthy and fed; we are not dogcatchers and we made a promise to these dogs that they will no longer know what hunger, pain or cold is. Romania has gone mad and so did we (for those who refuse to understand why we do this), but for those whom we saved, the world is saved. It's a drop in the ocen, we know, but we decided we won't let them die for no reason.

While trying to find homes for as many of the Happy Paws dogs as we possibly can, my NGO ("My dog") is very lucky to be supported by Romania Animal Rescue and Nancy Janes in the attempt of stopping the chaotic breeding of owned dogs, the real cause of the stray dogs issue in Romania. Spay/neuter is the only efficient, logic and humane method of solving this urging problem; if only the authorities would understand and commit to it some day...Until then, it is up to us, the people, to do their job, as always!

Happy Paws needs all its friends now, more than ever. We need food, treatement for intestinal worms and flees and anything else you might think would be neccessary.
You can support Happy Paws' needs by using our paypal: or by long distance adopting one of our furry friends (15 Euros per month, which will be used for food and vaccines).

You can also send donations (food,  leashes, collars, bowls, blankets, toys, transport crates, jackets, treats etc) to Happy Paws Moreni (the address will be provided in a private message).

Thank you for being our friends! Happy Paws is still standing because of you!