miercuri, 20 martie 2013

Jolie - pocket girl (adopted)

We first found Jolie at a RAR free spay/neuter campaign; someone was supposedly taking care of her, but that person's only interest was to have Jolie's puppies. Well, we had to let her down and we weren't nice about it. Marilena returned her in the street, but close to her shop, so she could keep an eye on her and feed her.

But as the bad weather came, we understood Jolie wouldn't make it through the winter outside. She was skinny and because she is so little, bigger dogs were picking on her. Marilena took her to Happy Paws, where she settled in rather well. 

Jolie is a quiet little girl, although pretty active when greeting new dogs. She is bossy with smaller dogs, especially female dogs. She likes to be cuddled, but does enjoy to have some time for herself from time to time. Jolie is about 2 years old, spayed, Chihuahua mix. She is available for adoption preferably to a family with no small children and no cats. She enjoys to run free, so she wouldn't mind having long walks every now and then. 

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