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Linda - the cute stalker

Marilena found her a year and a half ago when we had a RAR free spay/neuter campaign going on. Linda was spayed and because she was so skinny, Marilena decided to keep her close and feed her. Linda immediately bonded with Marilena and considered her "her human". She used to follow Marilena around town, chasing her car. Soon Marilena saw how dangerous that was and decided to let Linda ride in the back seat of her car. But this couldn't go on for long, so Linda came to stay at Happy Paws.

Linda is a very loving girl; she is in love with Marilena and misses her a lot when she is too busy to come to Happy Paws. She is very gentle with people and other dogs and she always enjoys a good cuddle.

Last year Linda donated blood for a dog in need; cuddles were her favourite pay

 Because Marilena loves her so much, she takes Linda out of Happy Paws and fosters her a couple of months, when she thinks Linda is too sad or bored. Happy Paws is only a temporary home for its residents and we all wish our dogs could enjoy a real life in a real home. Sadly, we can't offer our own homes to them, no matter how much we want to. 

Linda meeting Elin Lonberg for the first time

Please focus: Elin is NOT available for adoption :D

Linda is now at Happy Paws waiting for her happy ending. She is a young girl, around 4 years old, spayed, very loving and gentle to everyone. She enjoys a good cuddle and she loves to run free and play. Linda is available for adoption.

Linda playing with Tinka last Spring

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