miercuri, 20 martie 2013

Coco - still the mind of a pupp

Coco and her 5 brothers and sisters were found abandoned on the street as young infant babies. Daniela took them to Happy Paws and bottle fed them. They were all growing surprisingly well, but Coco's siblings became ill and died despite all the treatment. It is difficult for infant puppies to survive, because they didn't get all the nutrients and the antibodies from their mother's milk. Coco was the only survivor; she grew up with other two abused and abandoned puppies at Happy Paws, Maya and Suri.

She was a happy, playful girl with a big appetite. After a while, we had to move her to the big dogs' kennels, because she was stealing the smaller dogs' food. She was very shy around adult dogs, even though she had about the same size as them. At first, she was afraid to leave her kennel when we let everyone around run free.

Coco is playful with other dogs, but she gets pretty scared if the other ones snap at her. She likes her kennel mate, Peppy, they always play nice together. She is also very loving to people; her look is truly the one of a puppy, so innocent and serene all the time. She is one year old, spayed, medium size. She is available for adoption, preferably to a family with not so many dogs. She loves to play and run free, so she would really enjoy long walks and an owner who will have fun playing with her.

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