marți, 19 martie 2013

Jessie - the quick silver girl (adopted)

Choking on food, she was that hungry  

Jessie is a very active dog, it seems she can never sit still; she likes to interact with other dogs, but, believe it or not, she is the dominat type, so it can be pretty difficult to keep it safe with dogs twice ot even three times her size. She loves any human contact and attention; she would do anything to get it, bark, get into fights with other dogs, cry. It is obvious to us that she needs lots of attention and mental challenge, because she is so active and smart. Recently she figured out that if she gets outside Happy Paws, we become very worried about her and run after her. So she did that a lot that day, but would never run away too far, because her favourite part was us picking her up in our arms, kissing her for being such a good girl.
 Jessie is a two years old girl, spayed, small sized, loving and very active. She is suited to be adopted by someone who will understand her need for attention and challenges, preferably no small children. She can do well with dogs if they accept her bossy temper and active nature. Jessie is available for ADOPTION.

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