vineri, 31 mai 2013

Nemi - a lucky puppy

Nemi was found this April on the streets. We were there with Elin Lonberg and Elin Hovrud to visit Scooby and Anca, when Nemi appeared around us, looking for food. We  decided to take her in and she was lucky enough not to be infected with Parvovirus. We immediatelly fall in love with her, she is a sweet, innocent puppy.

Nemi the night we found her

Nemi and Marilena

We asked our good friend and protege, Mrs. Minodora to foster her until Nemi is adopted, so Nemi found a temporary home with her.
Nemi lives with other 10 dogs and 2 cats, so she is sociable with them. Mrs. Minodora says Nemi is very sweet natured and one of the smartest dogs she has ever had. 

Nemi and Bogdan, 2 years old

Nemi is around 5 months old and has all her vaccines done and she will be spayed this June. She is medium size, friendly to people and nice to other animals. She is more of the quiet type, but she enjoys human company.
Nemi is available for ADOPTION.

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