joi, 30 mai 2013

Reika - beautiful redhead

Reika was abandoned last winter, around Christmas, in the town's market. She used to spend her days with the people who were selling Christmas trees and decorations, but as soon as they were gone, she had nobody to feed her or look out for her. Daniela took her in and Reika immediately felt like home. Even though she is small size, she became the alpha girl in that section of Happy Paws...or, at least, in her head :D

Reika and Jolie (now adopted)

Reika is a very active girl, but she also loves to be cuddled. She gives every new dog the special welcome by barking until she almost loses her voice, but she is not aggresivve to them. Being in Happy Paws for all these months taught her to be more tolerant with other dogs and she is now not so interested in barking that much. She loves to be cuddled and she is really a lap dog, missing her "lap" very much.

Two gorgeous redheads

Reika is about 3 years old, spayed and vaccinated, small size. She is a beautiful girl in need of a home of her own. She gets well with other dogs, as log as they are not too nervous about being challenged by a smaller dog and with older kids. She is ready and available for ADOPTION.

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