duminică, 7 iulie 2013

Sandy - the beautiful outcast

We first met Sandy at a free spay/neuter campaign sponsored by RAR this April. We had to return her on the streets, near a school, keeping her in mind for when we would have more space available at Happy Paws. Not long after that we found Sandy with a broken hind leg; it seems someone threw big rocks at her for whatever reason and broke her leg in two places. Her sweet nature made it impossible for us to understand why she was treated in such a cruel way. But, then again, why is any dog treated with cruelty in this absurd world?

You can see here Sandy's broken hind leg

So, we decided to take her in and try to fix her leg. Sandy has proven to be nothing but the sweetest girl one can imagine. Her presence on the street, unwanted, as all strays in Romania, was her only flaw. Marilena took her to the first vet in Ploiesti, who said there is nothing to be done for her. Looking for a second opinion, we took her to Bucharest where we found out her leg was broken in two places and only one fracture can be operated. Sandy will have a relatively normal life and we will make sure nothing bad will ever happen to her. 

 Sandy will be operated very soon and we will keep her until she is fully recovered. 
Sandy is a very beautiful and sweet girl, spayed, medium size, around 2 years old. She is tolerant to other dogs, nice to children and very loving to people. She is available for adoption, but will be ready to go home after she recovers from the surgery.

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