marți, 6 august 2013

Pepe - the loud mouth boy

Pepe was found last month in a forest, near a gypsy village in our county. Marilena found other two small size dogs in that same place last month; if she hadn't taken them, they would all be dead now, run over by cars  and with no water sourse in this summer heat. We still can't understand how people find it in their hearts to abandon such small dogs (or any dog) in the middle of nowhere with practically no chance of surviving. 

Marilena took him to Happy Paws and he was lucky enough to have been neutered very soon after this by the wonderful RAR team of vets. 

Just before being neutered

Pepe is a very loving boy, very attached to people; he practically screams out like a baby if left alone in a kennel. Sadly, we can't offer him more than a cute kennel mate, a small size girl who is going home this month.

Marilena and her rescue dogs, all 3 saved from the same place

Pepe and little Coco (in the left) are both waiting for a forever home

All of them fully recovered after being spayed or neutered

We hope Pepe won't be with us for long, it is clear he is a lap dog who desperately needs a home of his own.  He is comfortable with dogs, small or big size, but more interested in human company. Pepe is around one year old, neutered and vaccinated and can go home almost immediately. 

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