marți, 6 august 2013

Little Coco - her life matters! (reserved)

She was dumped in a forest, in the middle of nowhere; with no food or water, pregnant, small size, in danger of being run over by cars, she and the puppies. Marilena took her and she is now fostering her, because Happy Paws is full.

Showing her appreciation

Little Coco is not a very energetic dog, but she shows her appreciation to Marilena in a quiet, gentle manner. She loves people, but she enjoys to have a little time and space to herself. 

She was vaccinated and spayed last month, so she is available for adoption. She is perfect for a quiet family, with no small children or cats. Little Coco is around 2 years old, small size and has a very beautiful fur. 

Little Coco loves her rescuer, Marilena

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