marți, 6 august 2013

Noah - a gentle soul

Noah was found last Autumn in a forest nearby Moreni. He was skin and bones, but his huge belly fooled people into thinking he was well fed. Marilena took him to Happy Paws and for a few days he ate as if there was no tommorow. He grew up with the rest of the puppies, but he always stood out as a very gentle and kind puppy.


Noah is kind to other dogs and has managed to live well together with the other puppies and with the adult dogs that are now his friends. His beautiful brindle coat is so shinny and that shows how well he is taken care of now. 

Noah is a sweet young boy, vaccinated and neutered. He is about 1 year old, very friendly and gentle; he gets well to both females and males and he is gentle to older children, making him the perfect family dog.

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