joi, 5 septembrie 2013

Happy - our new mascot

He was abandoned on the streets of Moreni as a young puppy. He was roaming on the streets, everyday, looking for food. We would see him in different parts of Moreni, which means he couldn't find a place where he would be protected and fed. We couldn't take him in at the time, because we had puppies sick of Parvovirus and he would have been infected too. 
My two friends from Norway, Helle an Elin Lonberg, fell in love with him and took care of them while they were visiting Moreni.

 He somehow survived in the street all through the summer and grew up to be a handsome young man. We finally were able to take him to Happy Paws; he wasn't as happy as his name at first, but he has now settled in quite nicely.

Scared and a bit injured at his right leg

Happy got his first vaccine today. He is around 6 moths old and we will also neuter him this month. Happy is friendly with people and dogs, a sweet natured boy who is looking for a forever home. He had enough adventures on the streets, he is now ready for a forever family.

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